Newark DE Dining Establishments That Serve Up Some Of The Best Meals

Food is always good to talk about. The more you explore restaurants in Newark DE, the more you’re going to know about what there is to eat in the city. You want to enjoy some great meals with your family. Without further adieu, here are 4 more excellent choices for dining establishments when you’re looking to grab some food in Newark DE.

How about La Casa Pasta? This restaurant located at 120 Four Seasons Parkway is known as a wonderful place to stop by for Italian food. The Italian wedding soup makes the menu highlights. The lemon chicken is also a menu favorite, and the La Bomba makes the favorites list as well. If you’re up for Italian cuisine, this is one of the premier restaurant choices in the city of Newark.

Have you ever been to a tea room? The British Bell Tea Room is quite the treat according to the reviews. Located at 890 Peoples Plaza, The British Bell Tea Room is known for its finger sandwiches, scones, lemon curd and more. Naturally, it is certainly also known for its wonderful tea selection. This place is known for its elegant table settings as you can imagine. It’s a really nice place to stop by and have a different type of lunch.

Cafe Gelato is located at 90 East Main Street, and it’s a great place to stop by if you have been over near the University of Delaware. Enjoy crab and shrimp, pork tenderloin and more. As you can tell, you’re going to be able to have gelato for dessert, which is amazing. This place is also known for its paninis. Order up whatever you like, and enjoy that delicious dessert.

Gyro Kabob House is also a wonderful pick, and I absolutely love gyros. Located at 1142 Christiana Road, Gyro Kabob House is actually said to be a hole in the wall type place. That makes it even better. Order up a lamb gyro, and enjoy everything else that this restaurant has to offer. That certainly sounds delicious.

Newark as mentioned is home to nearly 300 restaurants. You’re going to see that you have tons of choices. Yet it certainly helps to know which dining establishments have the best ratings. These four wonderful restaurants certainly are near the top of the list. Order up your gyros, gelato, Italian cuisine and more when you stop by these great places to eat in Newark DE.